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18th December 2018 
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My passion is about healing, well-being, personal development and health and helping others to achieve that for themselves.

I have been on my own journey of self development and discovery for over 30yrs - I believe the journey is still on-going as I believe the path of personal transformation is life-long. I have over 25yrs experience of working with people both as a Healer, Counsellor, Energy Worker, Clinician and Manager in the NHS.

It was always a frustration of mine during my time as a Nurse that, often, the source of the problem is not being treated. Particularly in the case of chronic illnesses, where the symptoms of the disease and not the cause, are being treated. I discovered a natural ability for healing during my time as a Counsellor and Nurse, indeed, I think I have always had it and found, as a child, the sensitivity I felt to others and to atmospheres hard to handle. During my various trainings I have learnt to use this self-same 'problem' to help me to heal others.

I trained as an Integrative Person Centred Counsellor at Bristol University in 2000 and have since graduated from the world renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2009 and from the Advanced Studies programme in 2012. I am currently training in Homeopathic Medicine at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital and am in my 5th year and final year of training.

I am married and have five grown-up children, I enjoy practising Yoga on a daily basis, swimming, cycling, drawing, playing piano, gardening and walking in the countryside. A recent new passion is wild-swimming - I highly recommend it to boost the immune system!